The Positive Impact of Guitar Lesson for Children

Playing music can be a good activity for your beloved children. This activity is not only improving their intellectual and relaxing their mind. More than that, there are also several benefits of playing guitar. Before letting your children to go for following private guitar lesson, it is good to know the benefits of playing guitar […]

Homemade Musical Instruments

Children love music, and they are more likely to be attracted to it naturally. If they are exposed to music at a very early age and if they take interest in playing any musical instrument, they tend to become prodigies.

Homemade Musical Instruments

For realizing that children have capabilities to learn to play musical instruments in a very less time, it is better that parents provide them with homemade instruments which the kids can be familiar to. The main advantage of these instruments is that no matter how hard kids hit them or use them, you do not have to worry at all about it getting damaged and of losing money. When you come to know that your child has a liking for learning a particular instrument after using the homemade ones, you can go to the shop and get the respective instrument suitable for beginners. This is a good step in turning your child from a novice to a proficient musician.

Drum Set
For making a homemade drum set; you will need some simple things such as any round container, gum, colored papers, a round piece of cardboard, thick piece of plastic to beat upon,

Easiest Instrument to Learn

The amazing link between music and human brain is inexplicable. All across the world, people with versatile backgrounds and cultures look and perceive music in their own, unique ways.

If you have the interest and the time to invest yourself in learning an instrument, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide information on not one, but five different musical instruments to choose from.

Choosing an Instrument to Play

As each instrument is unique and has its own merit, we cannot make the mistake of judging one with the other. So take each piece separately, and make your decision.

If you wish to start playing a string instrument, violin is one of the best choices. Violins are fairly easy to begin with and are also suitable for children as young as 6 years of age. As the violins come in variety of sizes, you can choose them according to your or the learner’s age (opt for non-electric ones as a beginner). And if you want to become a professional violinist, now is the best time to start, as it is highly popular.

Now drums are another story. If you think you have a good sense of

Historical Periods in Music

A love of classical music is only partially a natural response to hearing the works performed, it also must come about by a decision to listen carefully, to pay close attention, a decision inevitably motivated by the cultural and social prestige of the art. – Charles Rosen

There are several different definitions that have been given to music, but the most prominent one relates to music as the best way to express our feelings and emotions. If you take a look at the historical periods in music, you will be surprised to know how music has changed according to times and trends. There are many different types of music that have inspired people to compose great songs and tunes. The most common music genres are blues, classical, rock, metal, jazz, soul, R&B, hip hop, electro music, and many different types. Remember that these are just broad categories of music; and there are numbers of sub-classifications done further. Each music has its own time of significance when it was popular. In the following we are going to discuss the historical times of music.

Historical Periods in Music Evolution
20th Century
Modern and Contemporary

How to Move a Piano

Did you know that the piano that Liberace played on was custom made for him, weighed 1500 pounds and was approximately 12 feet long? Imagine the pain and effort that would have gone into moving an instrument of those gargantuan measurements. This is the reason why we believe that piano shifting is a task best left to professionals. The smallest of grand pianos which are approximately 55 inches long, weigh about 500 – 600 pounds. Large, upright pianos are about 60 inches high and always weigh more than 800 pounds. While these musical instruments are heavy, they are also extremely delicate and need quite a lot of care.

The Process

If you do not want to use professional help, then there are some things that you need to procure before actually moving the piano. You need to ensure that everyone wears work gloves, which will protect your hands from being scratched and also ensure that if your hands get slippery then the instrument does not slide. It is also important that you obtain plastic covers to wrap and pack the piano beforehand. This ensures that the surface does not get scratched or scuffed. Also try to obtain a dolly which

Music in the 1920s

Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, Bessie Smith, Scott Joplin – just some of the names that made music in the twenties as melodious and far reaching as it was, and is even today. Some of the most soulful music of all times can be traced back to that era when blues and jazz become a part of mainstream music. In this article, we tell you more about music from that decade and the chief influences and genres from then.


Study the music of the era known as the twenties and you will learn that there were three genres of music that were the most popular; ragtime, blues, and jazz. In fact the popularity of jazz was so widespread, that this era was popularly known as jazz age.

There were many factors that were responsible for the popularity of jazz music and chief among them was the use of radio and phonograph records which allowed music to reach many homes. It is estimated that in the year 1927 almost 100 million phonograph records were sold in America alone. But the road to popularity was not all smooth. In fact when jazz first broke out on the scene,

Effects of Music on the Unborn Baby

There are many things that are essential for proper development of your unborn child. You should follow a proper and balanced diet that provides you with all the essential nutrients such as folic acid, which aids in normal physical development of the fetus and also in the formation of genetic material. Absence or deficiency of folic acid may result in genetic disorders in the fetus. In addition to folic acid, the diet of a pregnant woman should also include calcium and iron for proper development of bones and blood cells of the baby. Also, gentle and light exercises that help improve blood circulation and strengthen the muscles, are recommended. However, research has shown that in addition to the basics mentioned above, there is one more thing that might play a significant role in the physical and mental development of the fetus inside the womb and yes, you have guessed it right. It’s music!

Music has a strong effect on human emotions. Do you relate to listening to light happy tunes to lift your mood after a strenuous day at work? Well, then you must be aware of how it helps you forget the blues and bounce back to your

Why Music Makes You Happy

Music is found everywhere, in the whistle of the winds or the rustle of the leaves; in the clouds, in the rain, everywhere in nature! Be it from any source, music does make you feel good. It refreshes your mind and makes you happy. Owing to its benefits on overall health, it is even used in treating ailments. Exposure to music in any way, either playing it or even listening to someone play can make you feel happy and excited.

♫ Music is Bliss ♫

Many a time, a certain piece of music or a particular song makes you happy because of the memories associated with it. It’s the melody or the lyrics you can very well connect to and that’s what makes you happy. Similarly, your interest in a particular genre of music or your skill in playing music can be the reasons behind your happiness derived from it. What type of music makes you happy depends on your interest or expertise in one of its forms. However, what brings happiness to everyone alike, is any form of good music. The blend of melody, rhythm and lyrics in music forms the basis of why music makes you happy.

Melody and

Record Producer Career Profile

The record producer career profile is very exciting as they get to meet bands and solo artists, they also earn high wages that can touch the 1 million dollar mark. For those who are wondering what is a record producer, well they collaborate with artist and record their songs in a music studio. They will also contribute by selecting songs for the album and coordinating with song writers and composers. The record producer is also known as a music producer and might also take up an entrepreneurial role by marketing and negotiating deals for artists.

A music producer is someone who will mainly oversee the recording sessions of artist’s and give suggestions regarding song selection and music composition. Nowadays, with advancement in computer technology and music software many record producer’s work independently. However, a large percentage are also employed by recording studios and record labels. Music industry sources predict that there is good growth expected in this profession in the coming years.

Educational Requirements

A keen sense of music and understanding of musical instruments is more important than formal education. This does not mean that you ignore education programs as they are important for getting your foot inside the music industry.

How to Create Your Own Music Video

Everyone has some indelible memories of albums and music videos; images that stay with them forever. For me, there are some music videos that can never be forgotten, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Beastie Boys with Sabotage, Losing My Religion by R.E.M., etc. Of course these musicians and music bands have been on my playlist forever, but the music videos have had more of an effect.

Growing up the art of creating your own music video seemed like a distant dream. But today having learned film-making and editing, I know that making a good music video is all about proper planning and a lot of creativity. If you are trying to get a foothold in the music business and want to make an impression on honchos in the industry but are worried about the costs then do not despair. Making a music video is actually child’s play.

The Steps to Follow

The most important thing that you need to do is to decide on the soundtrack. If you have your own band and the video is going to be a means of promoting your own music, then there is hardly a decision to be made. But in